Heritage Flooring specialise in the supply of solid oak flooring products and installation of wide board oak flooring, parquet flooring and marquetry flooring, along with the restoration of existing wooden floors.

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Solid Wood Flooring – Solid Hardwood Floors


The first impression when entering a room is the floor. Beautifully constructed solid wood flooring can enhance a standard room in to a warm, comfortable and inviting room. Solid wood flooring or solid hardwood floors are the prefect solution for adding a totally unique beauty to any room within the home whilst providing a surface that will last a lifetime. Solid hardwood floors are available in a stunning selection of colours and styles that will not only enhance your décor but will also add value to your home.

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Hardwood Flooring – Hardwood Floor


Hardwood flooring is a reliable and durable flooring that is available in a stunning array of colours and designs. With a hardwood floor you have the incredible balance of having a valuable asset within your home whilst adding character and beauty to any room. Hardwood flooring offers you an amazing mix of variety such as oak, maple, cherry, pecan and many more. For a natural charm adding a beautiful visual appearance, warmth and quality combined a hardwood floor is the superior choice.

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Oak Flooring - French Oak Flooring


Oak flooring within a home is always a timeless classic, it can be placed within any room and still create a look of elegance and demeanour effortlessly. At Heritage Flooring we have sourced a beautiful collection of oak flooring which has become a firm favourite for many of our clients, as it is suited to large rooms and small rooms alike. Our range of oak flooring comes in an array of favourites such as the amazing French oak flooring. French oak flooring offers an unrivalled ambience and style to any interior alongside creating you the prefect flooring instead of conventional carpet.

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Parquet Flooring – Parquet Floors


Parquet flooring is one of our popular floors due to the classical beauty it offers. Parquet floors are the ideal addition to any traditionally styled interior or an interior required a hardwearing surface that increases in style with age. The timeless beauty brought on by the introduction of the parquet flooring is a certain favourite for those looking for a more traditional feel to their home. Parquet floors are great additions to the home or workplace due to their endurance and durability.

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Real Wood Flooring – Real Wood Floors


Real wood flooring is fast becoming a firm favourite within our homes. This is due to the tranquil beauty the real wood floors provide. Real wood floors are available in a comprehensive range of wood species allowing you a choice to suit all tastes. Heritage offers you some of the finest real wood flooring available combined with a price that you will love.

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Floor Sanding – Sanding Wood Floors


Heritage are professionals at sanding wood floors alongside offering a restoration service that is second to none. There specialist service offers floor sanding amongst other dedicated services to ensure that your floor is restored to its original brilliance. Our floor sanding techniques are gained through years of experience in restoring floors to their former glory. Sanding wood floors is only a small part of the restoration service but you can rest assured that when you see the results you will be truly amazed.

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Engineered Flooring – Industrial Flooring


Heritage offers a large collection of engineered flooring and industrial flooring that will add character and décor to any home or workplace. Engineered flooring is becoming a popular choice due to the elegance the flooring provides. Wood floorings are ideal for virtually any environment whether it is used as industrial flooring or home flooring as it provides an unrivalled beauty to most other forms of flooring amongst adding true value to the property.

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Floor Installation – Flooring Installation


Heritage not only provide you with the finest wooden flooring available but also offers a fully professional flooring installation service. The floor installation team have been re-surfacing homes and businesses throughout the UK for over 2 decades. With such a successful flooring installation service we have now become one of the leading companies within the UK for floor installation.

Wide Plank Flooring Heritage Wood

Flooring Kent – Flooring London


Heritage started out offering flooring in Kent and flooring in London. But through a mass of successful flooring installations they soon become a recognised company for excellence. Providing flooring Kent and flooring London we soon became largest enough to offer our services on a wider scale. Now we still offer our services locally around London and Kent but are able to provide the very same high quality services throughout the whole of the UK.

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Walnut Flooring – Walnut Floors


Walnut flooring is one of our best sellers through its high quality and colourful textures. Walnut floors are a form of hardwood flooring and with this they are very reliable and hardwearing allowing them to be ideally used in kitchens, hallways and offices. The walnut floors come in a dark wood texture but over time the dull with age becoming more beautiful as time goes on. For a lightweight surface that will add value to your home and increase in beauty with age the walnut flooring is the ideal choice.

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