The art of wood

Our Services

Heritage Flooring offers a wide range of services from floor fitting to restoration work, so feel free to take a look at what we can do for you.

Each of our services are fulfilled by our talented team here at Heritage flooring. These professional floor fitters, each with their own skills and experience, are there to help and offer their knowledge. Take a look below at all the services we can offer and contact us to discuss your needs so we can help get our team to make your floor that much better.


Old wood floors and damaged boards can start to look more than a little unappealing. Whether it's from a cracked finish or actual damage to the floor itself, the floor can be more vulnerable to further damage. In these cases, it's often best to sand down the floor with sanding equipment and refinish or use our floor fitters experience to breathe life back into the floor.


To make a wood floor look it's best, polishing can become essential maintenance that not only makes your floor look that much better but also can help prevent damage or premature aging of the wood. Polishing is often a simple matter with the right tools, so feel free to ask about what we can do for you and your floor.


Upkeep and maintenance of a wood floor is a necessary step to take if you want your wood floor to stay clean and fresh. This often isn't as simple as regular cleaning and can require specialist tools to properly clean a wood floor without damage. Heritage Flooring has those tools and can help maintain your wood floor.


Laying wood flooring can look fairly simple but without proper experience and tools, it can result in damage to your floor if laid improperly. It's not just about laying the wood blocks and boards, it's also about the moisture content of the floor, how level it is and just how stable the subfloor is. All of these can be involved in ruining hard work. Our floor fitters have the necessary expertise to help ensure that your wood floor is laid properly and lasts for as long as it can.


Even with the best of efforts, wood flooring can become damaged or discoloured, especially through natural disasters or simple moving of furniture. It could also be that the wood floor wasn't laid correctly and became damaged. Heritage Flooring can help solve these problems for you or even just provide regular maintenance to ensure your floor's lifetime.