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Heritage Parquet

Forming the core of our floor styles, the Heritage Parquet collection has a wide range, from geometric to classic herringbone and antique parquet to browse.

Classical and versatile, parquet is one of the cheaper but no less stylish ways to make a wood floor. From simple, small parquet blocks, it's possible to create such things as a Versailles panel wood floor. Even the patterns that these blocks can be laid in can make a floor to be proud of. With the various finishes and wood species, these can all combine to create a pleasing pattern that makes a wood floor interesting to look at.

  • Long hallways are ideal for the Heritage Collection parquet flooring.
  • With the addition of Heritage Collection parquet, turn your office into a professional, light area.
  • See how Heritage Collection parquet compliments furniture and doors.
  • Giving you that Heritage antique look for your fireplace with antique parquet.
  • Our Heritage antique parquet can turn your living room into a rich, comfortable place.
  • The Heritage Geometric parquet can create modern, sophisticated places to sit and sip.
  • Geometric Parquet from Heritage Flooring, when combined with classic and rich styles, results in lounge perfection.
  • With the light casting from the window, highlighting the wood grain of a Heritage Geometric parquet pattern.
  • Craving a stylish, modernised workspace with a classical twist? Heritage Geometric parquet can add that twist to your day.
  • Great for dance halls or fireplaces, the Heritage Geometric Parquet adds a pleasant pattern to any room.

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